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Thread: Load data blaser r8 308

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    Load data blaser r8 308

    Anyone got any load data for Blaser in 308 just got a barrel in and will be starting some loading in the next couple day
    Regards mark

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    Maybe someone has a copy of the "R8 Blaser Load Tables" they can lend you? Wait.... nobody publishes Blaser specific load data! How the heck then do Blaser shooters come up with loads???? They must have to resort to standard loading manuals! Jeez! You'd think for the money you spend on a Blaser they would publish their own manual of loads. I'd get my money back. ~Muir

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    Take manual off shelf, load up a few at minimum load, load up a few at intervals between there and max load, load up 5 at max load. Take rifle to range and shoot, check cases and return home and load up 20 at max load (assuming no pressure signs). Go stalking.

    If it is anything like my R93 it will shoot everything to approx the same point at 100 yards no matter the bullet or load (I did post photos of some testing on here which demonstrated that) and messing about measuring stuff and engaging in other strange rituals seems to make no odds as the rifle will always shoot better than I can.

    For what it is worth I have been shooting Hornday Spire Points and Nosler Partitions in 150 grains out of Lapua brass and using Reloader 15, basically stuff that was available to me. I've got a minimum load with the spire points that I use for practise which probably gives around 2500fps and a book max load which gives a measured 3000fps. The Partitions are my main stalking load and the load with them is giving about 2700fps, they showed no pressure signs with a book max load but I only shot a few of them with a max load and at that time didn't think them as accurate, in all probability it was down to my performance on the day.

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    Yep, 150-gr bullets with 44.0 to 46.0 grains of RL-15 should shoot well in most rifles. 46.0 is pretty hot, and brass varies, so start at 42.0 and work up in any new rifle with which you are unfamiliar.

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    I am becoming more pleased with IMR4064 in the 308 with the 150 and 165 grain weights every time I shoot it. It's becoming my 'go-to' powder fro that cartridge. ~Muir

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    Always that dry sense of humour Muir ,and yes blaser owners do read reloading manuals and surprisingly have their own load data but as the 308 caliber is new to me thought i would ask for some helpful info which i have found and come to expect from most the SD members
    Regards mark
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    That is the powder that i will be using with 150gr heads read this is very popular in the 308 and will also be using trail boss for some subsonic loads with 200-220gr heads [before someone jumps in the subs are not for deer]
    Regards and thanks for your help

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    Have read the data thanks and already load for me 6.5x55 and my go to powder is h4350 but what is most interesting to me was the powder choice which seems to be RL15 which i was thinking of using for the 308
    Thx for your help
    Regards mark

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmbeatle View Post
    what is most interesting to me was the powder choice which seems to be RL15 which i was thinking of using for the 308
    All I can say is that my load development started and stopped with RL15, it was what I could get at the time and I simply don't think I will do any better as the ammo is way more consistent and accurate than I can hold. When I'm really on form it will shoot those occasional remarkable groups and I'd be pretty certain that the loads are not the limiting factor in my accuracy. The max book loads giving me 3000fps show no pressure signs and the brass has had a lot (certainly more than 10) of those loadings on it with no problems so it isn't like it is at the ragged edge.

    I'd say the Spire Points probably have the potential to shoot slightly smaller groups than the Partitions but the Partitions are my bullet of choice for deer as they put many, though not all, chest shot sika straight down and I've never had this with other bullets.

    To be honest you really don't need to get too worked up with the Blaser as it will shoot anything better than you will in the field. Buy a box of the "blue box" Federal 150 grain ammo and I doubt if you will reload something that will be more accurate for UK stalking ranges.
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    Yes i agree me blaser shoots most factory ammo without a problem and is also very accurate ,but i like to load me own as it it give me something to do on range days with me reloads finding out whether i can beat the factory loads accuracy with me home loads
    Regards mark

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