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Thread: Level 2 witness recommendations - NW

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    Level 2 witness recommendations - NW

    As per the title really... Done my level 1, shot plenty of deer, have my level 2 portfolio, now looking for a few accompanied stalks - Manchester based so within reasonable distance of there. Would rather go on personal recommendation than just picking random names off the register. Don't have my own ground though so happy to pay for a few stalks.

    many thanks

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    John Robson, YDS, witnessed my L2 - down to earth and pragmatic, no hesitation in my recommending him.

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    Thanks for the recommendation, but he's a long way East by the looks of it.

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    Mike Dickinson at calton moor range, top stalker, great technique on all aspects of level 2, 01538 308697,

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    we do level 2 ,scottish borders and dumfries galloway

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    Thanks all - was looking for something within an hour or so of Manchester if possible. Have stalked in Dumfries and a few more days booked for summer / autumn, but keen to have a couple of quicker outings that didn't involve a 6 hr round trip :-)

    Am aware of Mike and have shot at the range a few times.

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    Jonathan Standing is near Kendal and has a huge amount of land to go at. He should be easy enough to contact as he is a taxidermist. Very well respected guy.

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