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Thread: rabbit and hare fur tanning help?

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    rabbit and hare fur tanning help?

    I shot a hare today with the rifle ( head shot ) ( Blue hare, snow white one)

    My 9 year old daughter wants me to tan the fur for her so she can have it to keep as it really is beautiful.

    Question is guys, how? what is the easiest way to do it, I want to make it so it is nice and supple at the end like you would buy a fur from the shop etc.

    Any advise would be greatly welcome as I'm new to this and never done it before.

    Cheer in advance guys,


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    look through the threads for last few days for exbomb asking for skins he explains everything on there,
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    There are a number of ways but the latest talk is on brain tanning, which according to my mate involves getting the skin on a frame and keeping it soft using a Borax solution in a sprayer and brains mashed up, he says results are really soft and stops further stiffening if that point I changed the topic, lots on the net, check it out.

    Alternatively you could dry it on a frame keep it from drying completely till fully scraped, then chew it to keep it supple, see Saami or Inuit methods.

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    Just spotted a post on here about the exact topic you need, check it out

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    Snowdonia Taxidermy Supplies do a white tan, I have used it a lot in the past and it is excellent.

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