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Thread: Trail Camera supplier problems

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    Trail Camera supplier problems

    So, I asked the good Mrs H for an MMS capable trail cam for xmas, and she duly delivered, or so I thought!

    She had searched online and found a supplier in Cambridge who sell Ltl Acorn cameras, one of the makes I had mentioned. After reading the blurb on their website she went for the Ltl-6210MC which the website stated:

    The Camera comes with Quad Band GSM support. A quad band GSM enabled cameras support pretty much most of 3G/2G/GSM/GPRS.
    Works with any SIM cards, or any prepaid on 3G/2G/GSM/GPRS networks, you can recharge any prepaid sim cards and turn this into a mobile device that sends you pictures instantly or on a daily basis to your mobile or email address. This camera comes with basic simple instructions on how to set it up. Please note this camera doesn’t support NextG or 4G on 2100 MHz

    It didn't take me long after opening the box on xmas day, and a quick bit of www research, to work out that the 6210MC didn't have the MMS module - grumpy! I contacted the website to raise the issue and they quickly (after the xmas break) admitted that their website description was inaccurate and offered a refund - good stuff. I replied that I'd rather have the MMS module or the MMS model, and I was willing to pay the upgrade. They offered to fit the module for 30 quid - good stuff again. I asked for an address to return the camera to, since that e-mail I've heard nothing. I have rung both numbers and e-mailed multiple times over the last 6 weeks but with no response.

    I don't want to bad mouth them just yet as there may be a really good reason, especially as their first responses were pretty good, but it's nearly the end of Feb...

    So, to cut a long story short, does anyone know of the company 'Cameraforwildlife', and whether they have gone under - anyone had dealings with them? Thanks in advance - link to their site below (which hasn't had the inaccurate description corrected).

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    I've just sent them a message about buying a camera, let's see if they reply.

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    That would be very interesting, thanks!

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    No problem

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    Do a screen dump of the website before they change the description and then you have them by the short and curlies!

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    Apparently there are counterfeit versions of Ltl Acorn models around. You may have been sold one of these.

    Christmas was a good while ago now and if you think they have been unreasonably slow in resolving the issue I would have no hesitation in contacting Trading Standards. We are far too tolerant of poor service in this country.

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    Yup, got the screen shot and all the emails. I would have gone to trading standards by now, but they seemed perfectly reasonable when I dealt with them, they've just disappeared off the face of the earth! However, your point is a good one as they may be more willing to reply to trading standards than me. I have read about the fakes, and the camera they sent me is either ok or a much better fake than the versions compared online.

    Thanks for the comments and advice.

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    Did your good lady pay be credit card or paypal , if so that might be the easiest way to resolve this !!

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    Had reply from the camera supplier after a few hours (sent them a text), I replied and had an immediate reply , so they're still up and running.
    Suggest you try paypal or card refund to get them moving, or just tell them the truth that the whole forum knows about them and you've had someone try their number.

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    Don't delay, if you give the supplier time you are risking losing your rights.

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