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Thread: Manchurian Sika

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    Manchurian Sika

    What's this in The Shooting Times about Manchurian Sika in Inverness-shire ? Surely not, loads of Japs all over but Manchurian ???

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    There's always been a bit of uncertainty and debate over the presence of sika sub species other than Japanese in the wild in the UK. I know that many think that those in Bowland are Manchurian, I'm no expert on sika but as I understand it you can quite easily tell the stags apart in velvet.

    The Inverness "Manchurian" is a bit of a puzzler, I'm sure CIC are capable of differentiating sub species and wouldn't say that a head was Manchurian unless there was a good reason but a new species or sub species popping up in a new area is always suspicious, especially when a Manchurian apparently pops up in an area where Japanese are prolific. In a lot of cases you tend to look at possibly "Ifor Williams" giving a hand and I wonder if someone might have thought that introducing a Manchurian to improve antler quality would be a good idea, it wouldn't be the first time that deer have been introduced to improve antler quality, it has happened on a big scale with reds and to a lesser extent with fallow.
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    Where in the county does the ST say they are ROS?
    I manage sika in both Inverness-shire & The Forest of Bowland. Although I have my own thoughts, without DNA proofing I can only record what I have seen:
    All of the sika I have seen in Inverness-shire have had black velvet and nose bone measure indicates Japanese.
    The sika in Bowland tend to have dark brown, not black velvet, noses tend to measure Japanese.
    The (proven source stock) Manchurian I have seen in parks tend to have a mid-brown, gingery velvet and obviously nose measure to Jap.
    All the best

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    last saw somw in whipsnade zoo !

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