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Thread: GENUINE!!!! Yes GENUINE!!!! Leupold MK4 6.5-20x50 Illuminated TMR Reticle M1 Turrets

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    GENUINE!!!! Yes GENUINE!!!! Leupold MK4 6.5-20x50 Illuminated TMR Reticle M1 Turrets

    Ok, I hope you guys have now finished trying to point the finger at a genuine seller and honest member trying to sell a Genuine Leupold scope. Very quick to suggest its a fake with absolutely no knowledge of what one is exactly, even you could have contacted Leupold but no, you knew what you would find.
    I have been in touch with Leupold, sending them pictures etc and they confirm that as I have said and new all along that this is a Genuine Leupold MK4.
    If anyone potential buyer wants to verify this scope Leupold have said to contact them with the serial number, and why not send them the pictures as I am sure they would love too see them again.
    I also pointed out that their counterfeit page is not up to date with the current markings that the newer scopes now carry. They have told me that they will get this updated at some point.

    "My apologies. The website at times does not keep up with product changes, and sometimes here in Tech Services, product changes may take place which we learn about after the fact. We'll see if our IT Department can change the verbage on our website. If you're trying to move that scope, have potential buyers call us for serial # verification."

    My scope has white writing, you will find that all the newer stock does. The rings now carry white writing with the word 'Leupold' on them where the fakes do not have 'Leupold' on them at all, the info in the photo you see is repeated three times around the ring. Mine as you see has Leupold in the info and I can assure you it is repeated three times.

    You will also notice that the Fakes do not have a 'Gold Medallion' where mine has got the Medallion.

    The base has the Serial number AND the QR barcode as is also another thing that the Fakes do not.

    The fakes that I have seen do not have a Box, Manuals, Leupold Covers, Leupold Sticker or even the Leupold key ring, where mine does. A scan of the Box Barcode even brings it up as exactly what it is on the net.

    So here are the photo's I sent to Leupold, I also have attached the Medallion photo. As I said , why not send them to Leupold with your verification request as an added measure.
    I have nothing to hide it is a genuine scope as I was careful to ensure in the first place as I am no idiot when it comes to spending a small fortune. I have now proven this to be genuine and potential buyers can find out as much from Leupold and I resent the fact that some on here thought I would be pushing such an item. Thanks for trying to ruin an honest sale.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    So lets start again - GENUINE, yes GENUINE MK4 - Bought new in June from Scott at the Rifle store in the US, Illuminated TMR Reticle, 30mm Tube, M1 Turrets 1/4 MOA adjustment, Boxed with all the bits, plus 2.5" Sunshade with Packaging. One small little and I mean little sctratch around 1mm on underside of tube otherwise as new condition. Reason for sale is I am selling up all my gear.

    850 Posted RMSD - Payment by Bank Transfer Please.
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    So is it genuine or not?

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    the scope is -the box is fake!
    Quote Originally Posted by xavierdoc View Post
    So is it genuine or not?

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    Trying to find out what model of scope I have at the moment so every sympathy for the OP - there's a lot of 'armchair experts' out there.

    Mine seems to be a 'transitional' model with some parts off the one model and some off another - using up old bits before starting on the new or didn't have the right bits in the supply chain so used what was there instead...

    Will be for sale once I can confirm for certain what it is, comes with original box and booklet etc. and Leupold lifetime warranty.

    Looks like a cross between a MK4 and a LRT. It's 8.5-25x50 matt with fine duplex.

    Looking to sell it or p/x towards a Zeiss Diavari 6-24x56 with no. 63 reticle and 0.5cm/100m clicks on windage and elevation - NOT ASV.


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    Jesus grist give the man a brake if you aint interested in buying then don't keep posting negative comments let people make up there own minds about the post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garyw View Post
    the scope is -the box is fake!
    Where lays your expertise on this may I ask?

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    i think its called sarcasm.
    Quote Originally Posted by rick6point5 View Post
    Where lays your expertise on this may I ask?

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    Is this first or second focal plain please.

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