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Thread: Neil McLillop Basingstoke - ish

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    Neil McLillop Basingstoke - ish

    Can anybody help me with contact details of Neil as I have lost contact and want to get in touch with him, thanks.

    Ooops, I meant Neil McKillop not as spelt above - sorry.

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    Google's your friend!


    Gawd! - I put it in, checked it & posted the above & it got changed en route!!!!

    Here is the google search result that finds it.

    1. McKillop Engineering Ltd - BASC

      6 Feb 2014 - ... your trade listing, Update your trade listing. Search For. Near (city, country). Search. Gunshop / Gunsmith McKillop Engineering Ltd ...
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    Thanks for that, I did try but had no luck - until now.
    Bobjs is normally quick off the mark but he hasn't come back to me so resorted to the SD massive which came up trumps again.
    I actually know where he is, it isn't all that far from me but I just don't have the time at the moment so needed to speak before I visit.

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