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Thread: 303 heads wanted

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    303 heads wanted

    Hi all,

    Do anyone know where I can get any 303 S & B 180 grain heads for my lovely old SMLE. I'm after these due to cost really. They are only for plinking at the range so not really wanting to use match ammo. I know I can buy PPU complete ammo for not much more but I enjoy the making bit . Sad I know
    If any one could help I would be grateful. Cheers

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    If you particullarly want Sellior & Bellot .303 bullets why don't you simply contact Mike at Westlander and ask him who he is supplying in your local area.
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    Have a look at Henry Kranks web site, he has 174 grain fmj bullets 303 in stock £28 80 plus p&p. The 174grain fmj is the standard round for 303.

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    got loads of 174 here if thats any help in fact 1000's £18 per 100
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    Cheers all, That for you quick answers. That now gives me a bit to work on . Thanks

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