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Thread: S&B pm2 4-16x50

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    S&B pm2 4-16x50

    Hi I am looking for a 4-16 pm2 cosmetics unimportant as long as glass is good

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    Hi Slack Chamber,

    Are you still looking for this scope? I am considering selling mine, but it has a 42mm objective lens, NOT 50mm - is this a deal-breaker?

    It is a 4-16x42mm PM2 which I purchased new in 2013.



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    What sort of price are you expecting to pay for this type of scope?


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    Have you got one for sale?

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    slack chamber,
    It could be worthwhile calling Gregor at Macleods of Tain with the Euro pretty weak you may be a bit surprised at the price he can get you a new one for. Otherwise best of luck, I think the 4-16x50 PM2 is the best scope they make.

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