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Thread: Game &Wildlife Conservation Trust

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    Question Game &Wildlife Conservation Trust


    I wonder how many of you guys out their support this organisation. It seems to me that they are the only groupwho are supporting us shooters. With proper science to highlight the benefitsof ground management to the wildlife across the UK. Yet they have a very lowmembership I wonder why.

    Comments welcome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galwyn View Post
    Yet they have a very lowmembership I wonder why.

    Comments welcome
    I've been a member for as long as I've been shooting game.

    The cynic in me would say their membership is low because they don't offer insurance.

    Most shooters belong to an organisation because they need to be insured. Joining one that simply "does what it says on the tin" is a luxury, however admirable that organisation's motives.
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    I was a member for a good number of years, and I admit they do a lot of good work, but they are quite expensive
    Flood you with raffle tickets at 50 or 100 a time, great organisation if you have money , but all a bit much for the working man.

    Final straw for me was at the time of the foot and mouth epidemic, which rendered me unable to work, they increased subscriptions by almost half, and sent lots of raffle tickets,at huge prices, while the subscription raise was probably coincidental, I felt that the raffle thing was very insensitive to those of us working in the industry
    and facing an uncertain future.

    I did write to them voicing my concerns, the reply I received was insensitive to say the least, can't, remember the exact wording , but it was along the lines of if I was having difficultys I could always just buy one or two tickets.
    needless to say I canceled my direct debit immediately.

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    Well I belong, but as a charity I don't think they can offer insurance. Some of their stuff is very useful and you don't have to do the expensive bits, just support them as far as possible.

    Best wishes, David.

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    I belong because we need the scientific research to combat the urban jackboot. And the sub' is only two driven pheasants worth !

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    I am a member, fantastic magazine which shows they do some great work, especially on such topics as grey partridge reintroduction and blackgrouse reintroduction.

    But I can only agree that they are a 'high end' top dollar organisation. I attended a Grey Partridge evening a good few years ago which turned out just to be an unashamed fundraiser, at the end they passed around a box for donations and 'helpfully' indicated that as a guide the average donation at previous such events was 500!!

    Saying that I have attended a couple of more hands on days that were to show best practice for wild partridge management , a bit of a talk, and then a guided tour of an estate followed by a few drinks back at the estate office, and they were very good.

    A very worthy organisation.

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    I recently joined as they seem to have a good grasp of what is required researchwise to develop game and wildlife conservation in the UK.

    The only drawback I can see is the fact they are the game and wildlife conservation trust, one simple word that will give any anti the right to discount any research as merely pandering to us rich snobs wo love killing defenceless animals.

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    They should all bind together to give us one organisation with greater membership and bigger clout !
    Easier said than done I know But !

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    I agree that one overarching organisation would have more clout. The trouble is a lot of the organisations formed because people thought the original organisation they belonged to didn't do what they wanted. It would look more like that the bigger the organisation got. I have to agree that I do feel that BASC will do more under the new chief executive. The previous one, well the laws of libel preclude me from voicing my full opinion, but look at the lead ammunition group.


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    Always been member for as long as been shooting (41 years) back when was Game Conservancy. Do more for us than any other organisation and research not politically based as such, I suspect carries most clout with Govt policy setters than most other organisations.

    Funnily enough I actually won first prize one year in the draw - a days driven wild bird shooting at Allington years ago when Malcolm Brockless was there Just about the best days shooting I have had Small bag around 60 I think, but every bird got up about 1000 yards away, miles ahead of the beaters and climbed climbed climbed then used tail to steer perfect course exactly between two pegs. Classic

    I also have a very nice Owen Williams woodcock painting I bought at a woodcock right left dinner they hosted - no one was bidding and got it for a song

    all in all they have done a lot for me one way and another, worth every penny spent over the years


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