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Thread: Sako 85 Stainless Laminate Varmint and Swarovski Z5 5-25 BT 2200

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    Sako 85 Stainless Laminate Varmint Now 1000 delivered. Rifle Only

    I have for sale my Sako 85 Stainless Laminate Varmint in .243 20" barrel Rifle for sale. Gun is 1/10 twist. Shot count is between 200-250. Factory threaded M18 (never had MOD on)

    It has a basically new, unmarked Swarovski Z5 5-25 x 52 BT with Plex reticle for sale. Original box and cleaning cloth and blank registration card.

    Rifle is just not getting used and is now for sale for personal reasons.

    The rifle has been used but not abused, there are a couple of marks on the stock indicative of use, in and out of the Land Rover etc.. but is is good order.
    Barrel has been cleaned after every use. It is a beautiful rifle and is a reluctant sale.
    I am pretty certain I have the original box it came in in the loft as well. I also have the tool for bolt dis-assembly.

    I am willing to split if folk are interested. Or happy to sell as a fantastic Stalking/Foxing setup.

    Setup includes Stainless Optilocks, Nigeloh scope cover.

    Prices.Setup 2200

    Photos to follow on next post. Taking along time to upload from the middle of nowhere

    Rifle Only 1100 RFD'd to your Dealer.
    Scope 1100 RMSD
    Optilocks 100

    Rifle/Scope are located in Dundee.
    I will accept cash or Bank Transfer only.
    Viewing /trying more than welcome/encouraged. But no day dreamers, I will want to see a open slot on your ticket before i waste my time.
    Don't bother with silly offers..... It will just stay here.
    If you want to chat through the items, I happy to Pm my phone number across..

    Edited to add calibre
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    Might have missed it in the ad but what calibre is it?

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    Apologies all, it is .243..........

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    I wish this was in .308 !!
    Good luck with sale, it looks like a great package.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwinnall View Post
    I wish this was in .308 !!
    Good luck with sale, it looks like a great package.
    Agreed! I have one of these in .223 and they are a crazily accurate rifle. The OP hasn't mentioned that this model comes with a set trigger. I am thinking of getting one in .308, Phil. My local RFD has one in. Must resist........

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    Friday promotion..
    Ill take 1050 for the rifle delivered or 2100 for the set up delivered.

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    i have this in .308 with a zeiss duralyt on top and its a cracking rifle.

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    My god that's a handsome bit of kit.

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    is the scope 30mm tube? i will takew it providing i sell my s&b!

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