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Thread: AYA XXV 12g Sidelock Game Gun- Dundee- 1200 RFD'd to you dealer.

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    AYA XXV 12g Sidelock Game Gun- Dundee- 1200 RFD'd to you dealer.

    Please find photos attached of my AYA XXV Sidelock 12g game gun. 2 3/4 " chambers.
    The gun is in very good condition, has been cleaned after every use.
    Is a double trigger ejector, all work perfectly.
    The gun, despite its age is still factory tight. I honestly believe the gun was unused when I bought it. I have put approx 500 rounds through it in the 3 years.

    The gun comes with the Brady leather and canvas case supplied by the original seller, its has the original cleaning kit, and the original sellers information.
    The wood is beautiful, and well oiled.
    The color hardening still 95% (estimate) possibly 100% but subjective...
    The barrels and bluing in very good condition.
    The gun is not steel proofed.
    The quality on this gun is unbelievable, and retails at 7000 new.
    Viewing/trying positively encourage, but no day dreaming time wasters.
    Personal reason for sale...

    Happy to pm phone number across if you wish to discuss.

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    If it's still for sale call me on pm.

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    A fine gun, and would be proud to stand with it. However as per classified rules could you put a price on it? Otherwise one could be entering into a Dutch auction. Hope someone has the funds to appreciate it.

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    1200, the price is in the title, sorry if its not clear.

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    Missed that. Still it's there plain as day now for others with my poor vision. At that price it won't be round for long.

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    Can you tell me the length of the barrels Matty?


    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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    XXV = 25"
    if it was 28 or over it would be in my cabinet by now.
    (XXVIII or XXX)!
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    Yup 25" Barrels with a raised Churchill rib.. Lovely gun to shoot, very pointable, great walked up, pigeon, grouse, rabbit gun... But I've used it on a peg for the last three years to great effect.

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    Lovely gun, hopefully you will sell it. I have an AYA XXV BL, recently bought a No2 as well. Tried to sell the 25 and was told they are proving hard to shift and of the 3 gunshops I took it to, 2 wouldn't even embarrass themselves with giving a price saying that I am much better holding on and waiting until they come back in vogue as they couldn't offer what it's truly worth.

    More luck privately I'd say, perfect gun for walking or someone smaller. Good luck.

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