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Thread: Kimber Montana 84 .308/.243

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    Kimber Montana 84 .308/.243

    Wanted, Kimber Montana 84 in, ideally .308, or possibly .243
    Cash and variation waiting for the right rifle. I have a Swarovski Z6i 2.5-15x44 that I will shortly be selling so this could be traded into a deal in some way.

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    I thought that the 84 Montana was the stainless synthetic model but it appears that the wood/blue version is called the same.It is the stainless/synthetic that I'm after.

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    The 84M is the Model/ Montana is the stainless version 84M classic
    is the wooden version.
    Kimber America | Rifle Model 84M

    With a dry weight of only 5lb/6oz. it will be interesting to here how
    this handles in 308. let me know how you get on plz.

    Atb, Buck.

    Ps.thought of one of these a while back..but didn't like
    the idea of loading/ unloading from the top (closed box magazine.)
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    I have one of these in .243, at first I had a love hate relationship with it, now I have found the right ammo (90g Sakos) It is purely a love relationship, insanely accurate but as mentioned above it is light so can be unforgiving if you shooting technique is off

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    Steve Beaty at Ivythorn has one in 243

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    I think dolphin rifles had 2 new ones in stock.

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