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Thread: butt out tool

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    butt out tool

    as above does anybody use one of these plastic tools ,and if so are they any good.
    stumbled over them on you tube ,seems to be a us thing .
    cheers neill.

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    Save your money. They look a good idea, but they're cr@p.

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    They do work as I have used my one a few times but to be honest just another gimmick/extra gear to carry, now has a place on the shelf in the garage. I like to travel light just sticking to the basics, rifle, ammo, knife and a good set of sticks! Works for me.

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    Had one and gave it away. Found it easier to do the butt without it

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    thanks for your comments guys ,was thinking the same my self a bit gimmicky. will go out and get some wine now with the money i saved .lol

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    Even the sight of them makes me wince
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    I have seen them used and used the large game and smaller Bird versions myself stateside, most of the time I saw them used they either tore or split the rectal lining due to being used to quickly or not inserted deep enough, they do work if used correctly but they would not be my choice, a bit of careful knife work and you don't need one, plus as said in previous posts they are extra cost, more to carry, and look like something used by the Spanish Inquisition!
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