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Thread: what moderator

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    what moderator

    Having a 30-06 built , fancy putting a atec maxim on it, its personal preferance really, what do you all like cheers

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    AU-SL5 or Jet-z. Got both in the gun cupboard. Regards JCS

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    I've had a fair old selection of moderators, and currently own a DM80 and JetZ.
    However when funds allow the DM80 will be replaced by another Jetz as it isn't worth toffee.

    In order of preference I think the Jetz, Northstar and SL5 are unbeatable.

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    Hardy. Super light weight, small and still does a good job. Best I have had yet.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    I have been trying out a MAE T SERIES bushless on my 308 and am really pleased with it, light, low recoil and no bush to bore out so you can swap it over to any suitable rifle.

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    ASE Ultra Jet-Z compact on my 243 and is as quiet as a church mouse. Short & thin. Slightly heavy but not too bad as the barrel is chopped.
    Just put an Aimsport Aimzonic plus on my 308. Lightest mod I've come across and very quiet. Bigger diameter than the ASE so does look a bit more bulky. A good feature is that it's easy to change the flange over, if like me you have different threads on each rifle.

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    I've got a roedale delta ultralight on my 3006 and a atec maxim on the
    243 both are really good.

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    Have got the Hardy Gen IV on both .243 & 30-06 barrels - no complaints and nice and light

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    Hardy or AimZonic for me both light quite and efficient.

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    ase utra s5 heavy and short, if i had more cash i would get sikadogs because its lighter ,atec maxim

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