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Thread: Deer species

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    Deer species

    Anyone know what deer species are in the Maiden Head area before I go and check land out.

    Picked up some new land and landowner says they have big and little deer so not sure if this may be Roe and Munty, said she knows the difference between the young and old deer but the two types look different. I know Roe are over there but don't know if these are the little deer or big deer that she sees.

    Maiden Head, near Chew Magna, North Somerset
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    I have done a bit of stalking just south of reading, so only 15 miles away. Plenty of Roe and Muntjac, but no other species that we bumped into or saw evidence of.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Are the roe the big deer then? Chew magna! Nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by joed View Post
    Are the roe the big deer then? Chew magna! Nice
    Don't know mate, just bring your big gun and cover all bases.

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    Seen muntjac on the side off the m4 closer to that area.

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    Both Roe & Muntjac all the way along the M4 corridor, so they certainly could be lower down.

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    Spot the difference

    Maiden Head

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    Hi Barry,

    I haven't seen muntjac in the north Somerset area, and I used to beat on a shoot fairly close.

    Lots of Roe around there.


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