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Thread: Pacific Shotshell DL266 12G press

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    Pacific Shotshell DL266 12G press

    Hi Guys

    I bought this press with the intensions to reload shotgun cartridges for a practical shotgun slugs and wild fowling but I've not got round to it

    its a Pacific DL266 complete with the powder and shot tubes and the original vertical primer loader

    it works perfectly I gave it a try out when I first bought it does the job with ease, its a five stage press start at the left number 1 depriming and sizing, reprime number 2, load powder, wad and shot number 3 roll number 4 and crimp number 5

    no turret problems to go wrong here, all infront of you!! easy peasy lemon squeezy

    its a few years old and the unpainted surfaces have some surface rust but works perfectly, instructions for use are averrable from the Hornady website to download

    looking for 100 plus postage or you make collect at your leisure weighs a tonne

    for postage costs I'd have to get back to you with that one


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    Will this work with 3.5" cases with the appropriate die set Lee or is it limited to 3"? Also what dies are included 2.75" or 3"?
    What does it weigh & how big a box is it in so I can guess the carriage cost?
    A picture of the beast would be appreciated.

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    I sold this to Lee, it is set up for 2-3/4" shells but all the turrets are adjustable so I can see no reason it would not do 3" shells but you would need the correct bushing which are available from clay and game reloaders.
    It might even do 3 1/2" but when this was made they did not exist.
    I hope this helps.

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    Hi Keith

    Many thanks for the info as i wouldn't have been able to answer the questions, knocked up a few slug rounds after getting it off you but I'm not shooting the slug gun as much as i was hoping to so easier for me to buy my slugs



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    the on-line Manual does say it can do 3" shells

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