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Thread: The Hare.

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    The Hare.

    A man was driving down the highway and accidentally runs over a hare, and being a kind soul he turns around and picks up the hare and begins to cry.
    Meanwhile a blonde stops when she sees the man crying and ask what happened. He tells her he has ran over the hare and is just so sorry. The blonde says, I can fix this and runs to her car and grabs a spray can and sprays the hare.
    The hare comes to life, hops about 10 feet , turns and waves, hops another 10 feet turns and waves , hops another 10 feet turns and waves until the hare is out of sight.
    The man, quite astonished, ask the blonde , what is in the can, and grabs it from her.
    It is hairspray and the blonde says look;

    ready for it.......................................

    Revives lifeless hair and gives permanent wave !
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