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Thread: Pulsar N870 magnification

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    Pulsar N870 magnification

    Hello, More advice required please !
    I have just bought one of the above and have been attempting to 'bottom' the controls.
    All the advertised literature confirms the magnification as 9.0* which is similar to the Drone Pro at 10. Given these were similar the rangefinder on the 870 tipped the balance to buy one. However the scope seems only to go up to 2* magnification. This may be a digital measure and not absolute but I am worried I have been 'had' over the magnification. Does anyone have one of these and can you confirm or otherwise the magnification of 2 (digital) equates to 9 magnification (actual)

    Ps the controls I have used are as follows. Three quick presses on the controller but put you in magnification which then is raised or lowered by turning the controller knob. The in-screen display says 2.0 max and I cannot find a further zoom control or extra magnification - so I'm a bit afraid it will have to go back and be replaced with an Armasight Drone Pro.
    Be grateful for any help as it going back tomorrow. Shop I bought it from is my local shop which isnt familiar with the digi-sight spec. P.S. I checked these out at the British shooting show and didnt absolutely check the mag - just took the literature at face value.
    Thanks again.
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    I have one, i got it as soon as it came out. It has standard 4.5 optical magnification then you can use the button and dial to get a further 2x digital which gives you the 9x
    there was a minor issue with the software on the very first ones which meant the laser distance reading was always in metres even if you set it to yards

    Hope this helps. Let me know how you get on

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    Thanks for that but how does one access the 4.5 optical magnification?
    I set it up as advised, using the front right 'focus' knob and then used the eyepiece ring to focus properly (as suggested at 100m) and then its just the digital zoom - or am I missing something ?
    I cant find a zoom on the menu on M1 M2or M3 but perhaps you can advise ?
    Many thanks

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    You dont set the 4.5 optical. That is a fixed physical setting. Same as if you buy a 8x pair of binoculars
    with the digital zoom set to 1 everything you look at will be 4.5 x. Set it tom2 and it will be 9x

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    Thanks for the help - as you suggest then its clear that 2.0 mag = 9.0 times magnification - if the blurb one gets as a buyer was as simple to understand as that, it would help. The image is very good and clear and with my nightmaster 800 all will be revealed ! Thanks again.

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