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Thread: Big red stag

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    Big red stag

    family members asked me to try and find him stag stalking for a big red, emailed a few guys and places none have got back to me with a price so if anyone on here has any if they could one me with prices and area that would be good.

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    Are you wanting a Royal, or more than that? Or do you just want one at 28 stone?

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    He's shot lots of hill stags mate he's wanting a big stag medal class.

    BIGGGGGG Jonny lol!! You know what he's wanting mate

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    For a big heavy stag look no further than some of the lads operating in Dumfries and Galloway.

    I'm not going to individually recommended one and not the other, they are easily enough found in classified section.

    A big Galloway stag takes some beating and is a completely different proposition from a high ground hill beast.
    Be sure and post up some photos when he eventually gets it
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    Thanks lads, cadex ive had a look through and can't find any mate could you pm me any details?

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    You mean something like them??
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    If you want a big red, Chris rogers at Euston estate (Suffolk) is your man.

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