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Thread: Looking for help, Bishops Stortford/Essex area

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    Looking for help, Bishops Stortford/Essex area

    I am looking for some help to get me back on track with my deer stalking. I completed my DSC level 1 a few years ago now but have done little stalking since. Mainly due to starting a new job, moving house and generally life getting in the way.

    I have some land in the Bishop's Stortford area with a good number of fallow and muntjac and would like to make better use of this.

    It would be great if I could accompany someone to learn in particular the gralloching process and carcass handling first hand.

    I am available during the week as well as weekends as I work shifts if that is good for anyone.
    Hopefully there is some one out there that could help or knows what direction to take next.

    Kind regards

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    if i was you i would clear my inbox,they will be cueing around the block thats a very genourous offer to someone ,good luck and atb doug,

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    Might not be much help but a guy I work with stalks in saffron, if you want me to get his details etc and pass them on to you then it would be no hassle for me. Alternatively i think the guys at hides and deeks in Stansted mountfitchet stalk.

    All the best.

    "Eagles may soar, but, Weasels don't get sucked in to jet engines" Anon

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    Hi James,
    I've recently done my DSC1 and been on a graloching course and buchered a couple of deer. I work in Bishops Stortford and would be very happy to meet up. I'll PM you my number.

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    Hi James,
    Great offer.
    I have dsc1 &2 and plenty of time on my hands to ''help you out'' I've done a fair bit of stalking around the Stebbing area and beyond so no problem with the travelling.
    I would imagine that you will get hundreds of offers.
    PM me for further details please.

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    Hi James
    have sent you a PM

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    Hi everyone

    Thanks for all the messages, I should hopefully be getting back to everyone shortly. I am looking forward to getting back out and doing some shooting again that's for sure.


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    Hello James
    I have seen your post on the Stalking Directory and am retired and have been stalking now for many years.
    I have all the relevant qualifications, Levels, 1 & 2, Meat Handling, Manual Handling, First Aid, etc. I live in Sheering which is very close
    to Stortford, and if you wish to contact me feel free. (
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