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Thread: First CWD

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    First CWD

    I had a great weekend down in Bedford recently and managed to shoot my first CWD. Funny little deer and totally different to what I normally stalk. Shooting my first CWD in turn ticked another box as well, stalking and shooting the six uk deer species both male & female.

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    well done the smile says it all

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    Congratulations! Are those two related to the one I shot perhaps? But what on earth happened to the one at the bottom of the picture?

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    Well done Alan , was good to see you and your pals on way home ,

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    Nice one pal, I shot my first CWD last year in Bedfordshire , the place is over run with the beggars,

    well shot,

    what did you shoot the lower one with?? a 50 cal!!! Lol



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    i shoot cwd every week i have never seen a wound like the lower one .looks like its been hit with an axe lol

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