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Thread: Ridgeline Monsoon Elite Smock

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    Ridgeline Monsoon Elite Smock

    After some advice. Sorry if this has been posted before but can't find anything after looking.

    Looking at buying a Ridgeline Monsoon Elite smock after many cold and wet trips out. Does anyone have any advice on these i.e good, bad etc?

    Thanks in advance

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    Mine certainly keeps me dry,but I am not sure about the breathable bit sweat like a pig in it , find it far to warm for all but the coldest days, fine if you are sitting on a high seat maybe.

    I also have th e Ridgeline pintail which is much lighter weight but much more comfortable to walk in, all depends on the type of stalking you do I suppose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogtrotter View Post
    sweat like a pig in it .
    if you are sitting in a hide, on the foreshore, in a highseat or staic in any way....keeps you dry

    if you need to scratch your ass at any point or heaven forbid walk 20 yds you will be sodden inside!!!

    leave it open at all times unless raining!

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    Thanks bogtrotter. I do a bit of both which is the problem. I guess there is no one perfect bit of kit. Was out the other day and sick of getting cold whilst sitting in high seat. But when walking about I was ok if not a little chilly. I guess I will have to suck it and see

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    nevermind in a few weeks you will be walking through bluebells and wishing you had left you coat off!,

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    Aye I guess. I see Deerhunter do a smock also. Might give this one a go instead.

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    I have a deer hunter one and can't fault it, I find it much better around than the ridge line one.

    I think a trader on here sells them at good money. I've worn mine when duck flight shooting walking across sodden land never swetted.

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    Cheers wee man. Is the trader mmmbeatie by any chance?

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    Think so. I never got mine from him as I've had mine several years.....

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    I've got a ridgeline smock and can't wear it for sweat build-up.

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