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Thread: Staffordshire and West midlands Police Firearms Team.

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    Staffordshire and West midlands Police Firearms Team.

    I am having trouble contacting someone/anyone.
    Started on 28th Jan to arrange a home visit, ended today, no phone line available to head office and email returned as greylisted?
    Any one else similar or in the know?

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    My latest list says:

    Phone: 01785 232790
    Fax: 01785 218722

    Hope this is of help
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    There's a number listed for police and emergency use, I use that, no-one seems to mind. You will not get through on the general enquiry number.

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    It's funny you mention this as I tried to email them yesterday and my email kept coming back as undelivered something or another

    i I also had the same issue emailing another person at west mids police completely unrelated to Stafford and that had the same problem

    whether there is a problem with the overall police email system I dont no

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    must be catching from gmp last year,waste of time, ps i withdraw my last remark as i dont want to tempt fate they do an exellent job and should get less hours and more pay,
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    Thanks chaps, I have the same info, will give it another week I think, a bit odd though?

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    ring andrea on her mobile

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    I had tried all of the numbers and emails Dave, have just received another letter to request a visit but with a date printed on it not date as postmark.
    Tried again and answerphone again?

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    I'll send a mobile number for another staff member ;-)
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    Thanks for your help chaps.......BUT I owe the Police a big Apology...... Finally got to the bottom of it today!

    It was me ringing the wrong number all of the time. One middle number incorrect in my phone memory, somehow? Thought I had scan checked it but obviously need Specsavers!

    One call today to the right number answered on the 3rd ring and visit booked for tomorrow.

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