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Thread: Deer stalking wanted suffolk

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    Deer stalking wanted suffolk

    I've just had my 243 come though and looking for someone to take me out paid obviously. I've been shooting about 7 years now and do allot of foxing, pigeon shooting, wildfowling so I could offer shooting in return. but don't want to go out shooting deer without any experience. Anything would be great I've got basc insurance and willing to travel.
    Many thanks Ben

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    Hi Ben , First I would post an intro before admin give you a slap then speak to Jim@DGVM he's near you and a nice guy.

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    Sorry I just thought that ile get one up straight away I didn't realise I hadn't before.

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    As said above... speak to Jim on Jim@DGVM

    He is a top bloke with great ground and better rates, who is used to both novices and experiences stalkers. You can even try out your new .243 on his 200m woodland range before hand.

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    Thanks I've just sent him a PM

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    plus 1 for jim top bloke

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    Oh, go on then, seeing as we are all being nice..... Another plus 1 for Jim, decent chap, and the deer round here are great and plenty of them too. The range facility is brilliant too!
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Or hartfordshire area I'm usually in the Buntingford area

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