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Thread: tikka m590

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    tikka m590

    Parts wanted for Tikka m590 open sights namely the front sight hood and the rear sight leaf dovetailed part.

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    I have a full set here off my 590 243 which was rebarrelled - yours for nowt, just glad they will be used and not festering in my tool box.

    As this act shows I am not the kind of man to throw anything away......................and yet I have no sight hood. The link below doesn't show a sight hood on the 590/595 and I don't recall ever having one in place (I got the gun new). There are side slots on the front sight, so who knows.

    PM me your contact details and I'll bung them in the post.

    Sounds like you might only need the rear sight/bits but I'll leave it up to you to pass on anything that is not required (or keep them in a box for 15yrs like me!!).



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    You have PM
    And I think you are correct.The hood was only on the battue model.
    All the best
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    Hi Sundog,

    Sights finally posted today - best of luck with the 'restoration'.


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    Thanks Haggis Hunter. All the best

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