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Thread: Heaviest Red Stag

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    Heaviest Red Stag

    If for no other reason other than to satisfy my curiosity, does anyone know the weight of the heaviest red stag shot in the UK?

    I've saw some absolute brutes grassed during the last season and it's just occurred to me that I have no idea who actually holds the record, and the weight etc.

    Photos obviously well received

    Sorry I probably should have asked for heaviest larder weight on the hook, would have made things simpler and clearer
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    This will be an interesting thread. 168kg is my heaviest, have heard of stags going over 170.

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    A mate of mine had a stag off martindale that went just over 28 stone. That was back at the larder, so I assume it was with at least the green bag out (I'd have to confirm with him). I know he had one that he felt was heavier, which fell in an awkward spot and they had to cut him up to get him back home. I'm sure chrisc could expand as he was guiding that day.

    They were both wild Cumbrian stags. No doubt someone will have shot a lowland beast or a Parker that went heavier, but fantastic animals all the same.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post

    Bloody hell. Tell the story, then!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post

    Now that,s an animal! Heck that wont be fitting in my backpack!

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    Feck me!
    Thats a beast!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaOsborne View Post
    Now that,s an animal! Heck that wont be fitting in my backpack!
    Maybe not, but if you can drag it I can make the drag bag

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    Mungo the story is really to long and involved a years wait a pour shot a good lurcher a hernia and a brush with the law. Not to be repeated.

    one His boy a year later.

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    Boys please please, if you must measure the size of your willies remember this is 2015. Stones? Larder weight? Green left in? Green out? This is all meaningless unless there are facts. Nobody seems to be comparing like with like. What are you weighing with? are the scales accurate? or is it just somebodies guess?

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