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Thread: tikka m65 barrel length

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    tikka m65 barrel length

    Does anyone know the barrel length on a Tikka M65 in .3006?


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    Depends on the model. I have a recollection that the 65 was offered in standard, deluxe, trapper and battue guises at least. I suspect that the varmint was also available in it.

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    This shows the Standard & Deluxe at 560mm - about 22", The Sporter & Master Sporter are longer - at least 24".
    The original barrel on my 223 M55 Master Sporter was 24" or 26" --- I can't remember which, but I had it cut back to 22"


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mungo View Post
    Does anyone know the barrel length on a Tikka M65 in .3006?

    As said, it depends on the variant of the M65 model. As it's in .30-06 it could be any of these.

    It's more likely that you're looking at a sporter which Tikka called the 'Standard'. If this is the prospect the barrel is exactly 56cm. Their 'Sporter' and 'Supersporter' weren't sporters as we use the term, but were HB 'varmint' jobs with a specialised heavy stock. These have a heavy minimum taper barrel - exactly 62cm.

    There was also a 'Deluxe' which was either in standard form, or the 'Continental' with a Monte Carlo stock and rosewood cappings (with or without 'ivory' white spacers). The standard 'Deluxe' used the 56cm barrel, and the 'Continental' was fitted with the same 62cm barrel as the ''Sporter' and 'Supersporter'. Only the Deluxe was ever made in lefthand. I've got both Standard and Continental.

    In righthand there was a 'Wildboar' or similar 'Battue' model with iron sights (rear ramped) which only had a 52cm barrel. These sights were screw attached so often removed so, if the barrel has 2 sets of paired holes & is shorter than 56cm it may be one of these. Alternatively it could be a 'Trapper' model, which came in either 52cm (1987 on) or 56cm (1982 on) - depends on the year it was made.

    If spoilt (the barrel has been cut back!) the above should help.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    Thanks folks.

    22" for this one.

    If anyone knows of one (or Sako old model) in .30-06 with a 24" barrel, I have a friend looking for one.

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