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Thread: Broken Stock Sako 75 action iii

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    Broken Stock Sako 75 action iii

    Anyone got any advice where I can buy a new one quickly - dont mind synthetic or wood (pref Synthetic)

    Snapped straight across the pistol grip so looks pretty terminal..



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    In the meantime assuming yours is a wooden stock - use araldite or some other good epoxy glue to glue the two parts back together - then further strengthen with either a long screw or piece or metal rod drilled from inside the action back down into the pistol grip. Should keep you going for a while until you get a new stock.

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    Try Staffordshire Synthetics (do a search on google). They will advised you accordingly. They have excellent quality stocks ready for drop in. Should set you back about 200 - 250 and they are as good as McMillans in terms of quality.

    The alternative from the US is a Boyds laminate or the others ie McMillan at approx 400 etc

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    If you glue, use an epoxy with 24hr cure time vs the quick setting type.
    Much stronger.

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    I know a chap who has a 75 laminate varmint going spare and will want a reasonable price for it. Yours will drop straight in. PM me and I'll pass on his details.



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