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Thread: .30-06 tips

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    .30-06 tips

    Hi all,
    Just had a .30-06 built on a Resolution Precision action + 22" Bartlein barrel with 1/11" twist.
    Looking for some advice on hunting loads for it as I'm new to the calibre and to reloading. I intend using 150 gr heads.
    All help gratefully received!

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    150gr nos bal tip, great bullet, 165 grainer even better, hornaday ballistic tips too, equally as good, spoilt for choice really

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    Thanks, what powders etc work best?

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    The .30-06 works with a lot of powders. Some give more velocity, but it has the potential to reach 3,000 fps with 150-gr bullets, so even throttling back to a most accurate load, you are still likely to be at high velocity.

    4064, 4895, Varget, RL-17, H-414, W-748, W-760 and 4350 work well with 150-gr bullets.
    4350 is a go-to powder for 165 to 180 gr. W-760, H-414, R-17 also work well
    4350, 4831, N-160, RL-17, RL-19 for 180, 190, and 200 grain bullets.

    Someone who took everything from deer to Kodiak Bear, with a .30-06.

    One Man, One Rifle, One Land: Hunting All Species of Big Game in North America

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    150g SST and Vhit N160 works great for me.

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    30 cal Barnes TTSX in 130, 150 or 165 grains will be great choice. - I currently use the 130 grain in 308 & 30-06 with great results.
    Elcho 17 is the same as Reloder 17 & a lot cheaper.


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    Hornady 150 grain Interlock, IMR 4350 powder in the middle range. Fl Length Resize, seat to recommended OAL in a trimmed case, crimp. It is of my Universal 30-06 loads I use with MOA and better accuracy from a handful of 30-06 rifles: Rugers, Tikkas, Brownings, Savages all shoot it well. Stops deer cold.~Muir

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    Irish...These are some of my "pet" loads out of a Sako 75 .30-06 1:11 twist

    RL17 55.5 & 57gr behind Nosler 150gr BT
    RL19 61gr behind Speer 150gr SP
    RL17 53/54.5gr behind Nosler 180gr BT
    RL17 49gr behind Nosler 200 Accubond
    N150 48gr behind Nosler 168gr E-Tip
    H4350 56gr behind Nosler 150gr BT

    Hope that helps....but remember the old adage.."start low and work up" to your own rifle! Stay safe!

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    Hi Irish.

    Another .30-06 user, and I reload with IMR 4350 & Hornady 150gr Interbonds. As Southern stated, my most accurate load is relatively slow at 2810 FPS. I worked up to this, and when the groups tightened to the point where I was over the moon I stopped tinkering... More happy with accuracy than mind bending velocity...

    Sounds like you have a great set up, good luck, and enjoy it.

    All the best.


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    "Tips" Isn't this part of a woman's anatomy?


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