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Thread: Roe and Sheep

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    Roe and Sheep

    Hi I don't post much as I'm very new to this and have more to learn than say. I recently read a post about Dunalister and the comments regarding the place being full of sheep. I take it from that, roe and sheep don't mix? Now a local keeper tells me the other day that he's been watching a few roe feeding from the sheep troughs!!! . So do they mix? and if you guys were looking over a bit of ground what would you look for??

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    I have seen roe in the same filed as sheep but as a general rule it is unusual.I am not sure whether it is because roe dislike sheep or that it is just when sheep are in a field it is obviously fairly well fenced and the roe wont bother to jump over unless there is something really good to eat to make it worth the effort jumping over

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    Roe and deer can mix. The problem does not lie there. The problem is that sheep graze to the deck. The grass in Dunallistair wood will be chewd to the stumps. Roe are fussy eaters and will move on to better feeding. When the sheep are removed the ground will regenerate but the fence will be repaired so the roe will not be able to return. If you look at the maps the cycle track goes up the side of the adjacent wood so heavy traffic will drive the deer from that area so little left even if restocking was possible. The holiday park just along the road has over a thousand holiday makers tramping the hills with a right to roam so the reds will be well out onto the hill. Worth a wee bid maybe for hinds if the winter is rough and brings the deer down into the top of the gully but you had better be fit if you want a hind from up there. Very poor access unless you can extractover the farmers ground. As he has 8000 acres for his own use so he may not be keen to let you knock down his hinds. IE lump it through the trees. 1000 no records. Sounds like the farmer sold the wood where his sheep has grazed for years and now the new owner wants to cash in on deer that may or may not be there, Pays your money and takes your chances, Jim

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    Sheep and Roe don't mix as a rule, as someone already pointed out Roe are fussy eaters and sheep foul the ground

    If the sheep stocking density is not to high they can coexist, even when sheep have been removed from a field its usually about a fortnight before the Roe will come back onto it, it really depends on the alternative grazing available to Roe, they will not graze the same ground if they have a choice,but they may not have a choice.

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    I've seen on many occasions sheep flocking together as roe run across a field they are in,but think they are more spooked by the action rather than having a dislike for roe.

    Sika, i have witnessed grazing almost head to head with Blackies on the hill.


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    my experience is roe will tolerate sheep in low densities but the best explanation i got from a mate was roe are quite snobby wee buggers and dont like sheep pi****g and sh*****g all over their prospective dinner!

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