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Thread: fallow herd sizes

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    fallow herd sizes

    Was out stalking fallow this morning unsuccessfuly.After i finished i just had a drive round to see where the fallow were and in on field not haalf a mile away there were near on 500 fallow.This is the most i have seen in one field but just wondered what sort of size groups other people see

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    Regularly see a herd of between 150 and 200 near Wantage and 75 near Oxford.


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    That would be a very big group for North Wales where maybe 20 - 25 would be as many as you would expect to see in one place.

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    Saw 50 between East Grinstead and Tunbridge Wells last weekend. Couple of very shootable bucks in the group and me with no rifle.................

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    I saw about 60 prickets & young males this morning all feeding together on a fodder beat heap in a stubble field, managed to bag a brace before they did the off.

    The most I have ever seen is about 200 together on the same farm 2 seasons ago, but we pretty regularly get 30/50 in a group.

    Regs Lee

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    The usual herd that is in this field is genrally just over 200 but there must be good grazing come through and a few groups have joined

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