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Thread: Buckled shoulder

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    Buckled shoulder SORTED, Thanks.

    Hi, Here's hoping someone can help me with a little brass problem.

    I recently purchased some used .308 lapua brass, fired unknown times.

    I have full length sized the cases, cleaned and prepped. Then as I put the bullet in the cases, using lee seating die, the brass is buckling at the shoulder. As the bullet is seating, all feels well, then as I apply more pressure I can feel it go.

    I am wondering if the brass is too soft ? As mentioned on a lee leaflet, could be excessively annealed. Also mentions the collet being closed ... however the seating dies doesn't appear to have a collet ? I have taken the die apart and given it a good clean.

    Any help greatly appreciated. Alan.
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    Back the seating die off.
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    I don't know the Lee dies well but the usually come in a set with a separate crimping die. However I can't imagine how you can seat the bullet with enough force to buckle even a soft case unless a crimp collet is coming into play. I expect it will crush without a bullet being inserted if so.

    Unscrew the bullet seater insert and try another case. If it does feel wrong then you need to back off the whole die body and work down the seater insert until it's putting the bullet to the right depth for you..

    Have you set up a dummy round with your ideal set up? If you have then it's easy to reset a die using it.
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    Alan there's nothing wrong with the cases or the dies its simply that you haven't set the dies up correctly. It's an easy mistake to make and I did it myself the other day when setting up for a new bullet. Somehow I missed correcting it as I was doing it in a mad rush and one round with a buckled shoulder got through visual inspection and made it to the test range. Just set up the dies again as per the makers instructions. Simply disassemble the rounds that you have with the buckled shoulders and full size the cases once again.

    As NorthDorset says once properly adjusted make up a dummy round and mark the case as it makes life a lot easier when setting up the dies for a particular bullet in the future.
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    Thanks for your replies ..... I have just resized a couple of brass, put in a case and tried that alone. The end of the brass slightly rolled ( as in crimp ? )

    I cut a case neck twice, with a fine saw making a dummy round, deburred it and then offered it to the die with a bullet on. Hardly any pressure ( the bullet didn't even enter the case ) and it buckled. That was with the top adjuster end of the die, only one thread in the die.
    At a loss, but will keep trying, but losing brass isn't a good start to my .308 reloading.

    I started reloading last year for a .223 and that went with out a single problem..... I don't appear to be doing anything different ????

    Thanks guys. Alan.

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    As indicated by others, It sounds like the body of the die was screwed too far into the press & the case was crushed by the mouth being pushed back by the crimping taper (assuming it is the type of die that crimps at the same time as bullets are seated) . The seating die is best set so it doesn't perform any crimp at all & the crimp being done on a Lee Factory Crimp Die afterwards if you really do want a crimp.
    Read the die setting instructions & follow them.
    If you set your die with a sized case & don't take care you may not feel the crimp taper contacting the case mouth - Easy mistake to make!
    I bulged a case recently by not concentrating (watching the dog play) & setting the die too far in. Simple to get wrong. Served as a lessen to me to take more care & not get distracted! LOL. I simply popped the primer & FL resized the case & it trued the case back up --- I'll use that as a "fowling shot case" on a range day.


    p.s. You may have crimped the case when setting up the die without a bullet in it & then bulged it by the bullet not being able to enter the case easily enough when you tried to seat it.
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    something not right there
    are you sure its a .308 die?
    is it clean inside?

    the lapua brass is hard as nails usually
    can you post pics of the buckling if possible

    am struggling to visualise what you are seeing
    are you saying the case buckled before the shank of the bullet has entered the neck on your test round?
    you indicate that you managed to seat some in the first post. How deep and what bullet style?

    Lee do two kinds of seating die
    I "dead length" die which just seats and you would struggle to interfere with the neck as the inner bore is over sized
    a die which I suspect you have that can if required offer a roll crimp (not a fan personally, if you want to crimp get a factory crimp die)

    hard brass, flat base bullets and poor die set up can all cause this but I am surprised at the extent you are seeing it

    more details please

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	S6301953.jpg 
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ID:	53308Click image for larger version. 

Name:	S6301954.jpg 
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ID:	53309Hi, Here are a couple of pictures, which I hope shows the problem. Thanks folks. Alan.

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    Alan (& Bewsher) -- My recent cockup was with Lapus brass & it bulged very similar to yours.

    Check that you have chamfered the case mouth. (especially if using flat base bullets)
    Measure bullet diameter is correct (should be 0.308" diameter) - You could have wrong sized bullets.
    Measure inside diameter of sized cases - should be about 0.306".
    Clean your die to be sure,
    Set seating die to a no crimp position, (see die makers' instructions).
    Run a case through the die, -- Check it doesn't get deformed either bulging or mouth deformed by crimp cone in die. (measure this)-
    Then seat a bullet & it should be fine. If it isn't there is something wrong with the die set (I very much doubt this!)


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    As everyone has already stated, back out the seating die. Your die appears to be low enough, that it is crimping the case before the bullet is seated. Essentially, your bullet is pushing the case mouth down into the case body because it won't fit in the case mouth.

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