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Thread: Hello stalkers.

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    Hello stalkers.

    Hello every one, I've been shooting for around 7 years now mainly varmint, rabbits pigeons ect. But I have recently receved my .243 variation and I've purchaced a remmington 700. The land and owner of the land that I was ment to be shooting on and with have backed out. So I am now looking for some one to show me the ropes. Land is not a problem as I work on farms and have permission to shoot on quite a few.

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    Hi Paulphil86,

    Welcome, a great site with plenty willing to help and advise. I shoot not to far from you, i am not an expert but always willing to share what i know and help if you are stuck with something.

    Good luck with the site and straight shooting


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    Welcome Paulphil86,
    I am sure plenty of people will be happy to give you a hand if you wish, you have people in Hereford and Shropshire. All very aimiable. Why dont you come to our next Herefordshire and meet a few.


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    That sounds great thanks. Where and when?


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    Welcome, from down the road and west a bit - i.e. Cardiff!
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    Welcome Paul. I'll second the invite to the next Herefordshire do. 'When' is really as soon as possible & 'where' is still up for debate because some folk are actually concerned about the quality of the beer! If you know of a good beer shed then flag it up as the next venue.

    As Brian says, there are plenty on here happy to help out, although tbh he only comes over the Wye for stalking cos all the deer have been poached down his way.
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    Paul, watch out they are a funny lot, Make sure Bandit goes to the bar first, short arms and long pockets

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    Ha I'll keep that in mind thanks.

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