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    Looks like the DVLA have been acting illegally again fining owners of vehicles for not declaring SORN on their vehicles. The 80 fine has been declared illegal at Horsham Crown Court due to the DVLA or Post Office losing forms and the owner not checking up when the statutory reminder is ignored or lost.
    Also the deployment of DCA's was also declared unlawful. If you get this 80 demand it has no enforcement law and must be contested,
    BBC Watchdog are exposing this extortion soon but the media and newspapers are slow to expose this extortion racket.

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    I got taken to court for failing to notify of change of keeper on three cars, it got thrown out as I declared that all three were done in one envelope, and included a cheque for my tacho card, that got processed. So they did recieve, just didn't act on the info supplied. Conning buggers
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    My son got done a few years ago, we know it was sent off but they denied it. Can this be claimed back, purely out of spite and malice ?

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    "Also the deployment of DCA's was also declared unlawful"

    What is DCA ?

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    Debt Collection Agencies....

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Debt Collection Agencies....

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    Hi, could someone tell me if it's true that the Horsham Court found against DVLA? could someone supply details please as my partner has been hounded and bullied by these protected department. Thanks

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