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Thread: It makes you wonder!

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    It makes you wonder!

    I came across this article (On another forum) and it got me wondering exactly what some people can get away with without getting their FAC or SGC revoked?
    I don't know the guy personally nor do I know anything about him except what the newspaper article has written so I'm not going to try to be judge, jury and executioner - but it does look as if some of us would have got our certificates revoked for much less!
    What are your thoughts?

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    Seems like he got off very lightly ????
    I reckon I would have lost my guns, Job ,house all in one go.

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    Beggars belief that on the one hand, there's so many rules, regulations and conditions about having a firearms certificate and on the other, they let this feller who has a history of violence, after this incident, keep rifles.

    I wonder if the difference is that if the police let someone who is unsuitable have firearms and a wheel comes off, they are culpable, but if a judge does the same, there's no comeback on him.

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    Sounds like a "two-cop-breach" to me

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    Interesting that "The CPS applied for his firearms licence to be taken off him ..." rather than the Chief Constable simply revoking his certificates? It will be interesting to see what, if anything, happens next.

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    perhaps he is a man that works with stone , squares and dividers and all that
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    smells of dodgy handshakes to me,as already posted how on earth has a man with historic violence convictions got any form of firearms certificate.this goes against all the guidelines and common sense.if it were u or i we,d be unemployed and have some empty cabinets and stuff for sale to pay the fines

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    who's c*** is he suckin on !!!! white gloves and all !! i seem to remember another man who kept his cert now he lived in Scotland just can't remember the towns name

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