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Thread: Spanish hunting

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    Spanish hunting

    I have been interested in hunting chamois or ibex in Spain, however the guides seem really expensive
    I have also tried to link up while on holiday with hunters, however have had no success
    I would not be looking for a trophy, the experience and a picture would be enough, anyone used any outfitters out there or have any contacts ?

    Cheers and appreciate any help

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    Try Corju mate, he's on the site, some of us just came back and had a well priced and brilliant Ibex hunt

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    Hi, check this and contact Jose. They are focused in ibex and mountain hunting in general. He's a cracking guy, top professional and knows himself the terrain and quarry.
    Chamois is not a cheap hunt here in spain, I hunt them in france myself and prices are significantly lower.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for this link, where in France for chamois do you recommend ?

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    I've just sent you a PM, as I prefer not to recommend you someone here that I haven't tested myself.

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    Have a look at the pictures .If your not fixed up send me a Pm thanks

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