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Thread: LEUPOLD VARI-X III 4.5114X50mm AO IR scope - 700 - GENUINE...

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    LEUPOLD VARI-X III 4.5-14X50mm AO IR scope - 700 - GENUINE...

    As the title says, this is a GENUINE Leupold ‘scope which was bought new by me in the USA in2002/3. (Note: Leupold have confirmed this scope was manufactured in 2002 but I can't remember when I bought it, either late 2002 or early 2003 - I think it was February 2003 but not entirely certain.)

    It is not the current model so only has a 1” tube rather than the 30mm one, however, in all the time I have had it and used it this has not been a problem thanks to it having a 50mm objective which draws in plenty of light.

    It has a fine duplex cross with a small central cross that illuminates, I can’t get a photo to show it but the configuration is as per the diagram below except the outer lines are finer. There are no scratches on the glass at either end although I have not been able to get any photos of the lenses with my phone.

    Overall condition is what I would describe as 98% - there are one or two very small marks on the edges of areas such as the turret caps, zoom ring, cover for the IR battery – all places where there is a knurled finish with fine sharp edges.

    There may be the odd very small mark elsewhere but this is a scope that has been used but certainly not abused – there are no dents or dings in it and I am not going to take any silly offers on it, if it doesn’t make the asking price it goes back in the cupboard as a spare.

    It has an adjustable objective to focus from 25 yards out to infinity – unlike the later side focus Leupold ‘scopes with this one you can’t accidentally knock it out of focus without realising when you get the rifle out of the case in the dark in the morning!

    The ‘scope also has the fast focus eyepiece and not long after I bought it I sent it back to the Leupold Custom Shop in the USA and had them fit the target turrets to it so I could maximise the benefits of using a range finder and dialling in elevation.

    At the same time as a precaution Leupold replaced the illumination switch which anyone in the know will recall had some issues around that time – it had never given me any problems before and indeed has not done so since.

    It’s been difficult to determine what an appropriate price might be for this scope as whilst it is not a current model it has the benefit, in my opinion, of having the more practical adjustable objective for field work AND target turrets. The current 4-5-14x50 LRT IR is 1049.99 at Uttings ( or 1094.99 from Sportsman (

    Based on a comparison with a new 4.5-14x50 VX-3 LRT IR I am asking 700 for this scope. (Does not include the rings which have already been promised to someone else & are nothing special anyway.)

    I will only send by RMSD with appropriate insurance and will let anyone who is interested know how much this will be.

    Payment by bank transfer, PayPal (if you pay the fees) or cash on collection if you live in central Hampshire or can meet at Bisley ranges by arrangement.


    (Will be listing another GENUINE Leupold scope in a few days - 8.5-25x50 LRT with M1 turrets - will consider p/ex both scopes for Zeiss Diavari 6-24x56 with #63 IR.)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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