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Thread: Thought I would get Red Dot all excited

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    Thought I would get Red Dot all excited

    Parked outside my office in London

    not sure I have seen one in this configuration before - is it a double cab of some sort?

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    Utilty Station Wagon....
    Was this someone off here?
    Naked man caught 'having sex' with Land Rover - Telegraph

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    Good tactics RD, getting in fast accusing someone else to deflect suspicion

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    Broken down awaiting recovery I expect.......

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    Broken down for sure, a pile of poo

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    all dressed up and nowhere to go!

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    Must admit, even as a LR fanatic, it does look a bit of a trans Tesco car park safari motor.

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    wouldnt have thaught the number plate would last very long where it is mounted!

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    I see stuff like this all the time in summer surf spots, owner gets nowhere near a wave & LR get nowhere near mud...but the local economy benefits which is cool in my book.

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    He'll, Estate Agents have an easy life!

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