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Thread: Gun Mark Kestrel

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    Gun Mark Kestrel

    Gunmark Kestrel in good condition for it's age. 12 gauge, not sure of the chokes though. Non ejector, 28" barrels. Space in cabinet forces sale. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for more pictures.

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    Looking for 100 face to face please or RFD at your cost

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    I have one the same and it's done sterling service for nearly 30 years! Good, reliable guns. Mine is choked quarter and half, I'm not sure if it would be any use for me to assist you by digging it out of the cabinet and having a look at the marks? If so just let me know. Bump for a good gun, from a Settle lad!

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    bloody hell that takes me back a bit that was the 1st shotgun I had, if I remember mine had chokes full and 3/4 on it it weighed a ton as well.... thanks for posting, (sorry for high jacking thread for a bit)

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    Price drop 150.


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    Yup first shotgun I ever bought, Mail order as well,, the postie left it with the missus as I was on backshift.

    Brilliant wee gun.

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    Impending house move has me keen to reduce the guns in the cabinet if anyone wants this for 100 it's yours


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    Monday morning bump!

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    Look on the underside of the barrels. You will see the chokes marked as a number of stars (asterisks). Then just google spanish proof marks.


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