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Thread: 22 lr segmented subs

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    22 lr segmented subs

    Am quite keen to try some in my cz452, what do you think of them

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    the cci segmented in my annie swaro are lethal i got them for the odd close range fox but never had one close range since,!but when ive had the spare mag on with segmented in boy where they good on bunnies ,but make sure of head shots as its like being hit with a 17hmr,!

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    I really like them. Started using them maybe 3 years ago. Stuck with them ever since. They shoot really well through my rifle, which helps. They kill extremely well, not sure if the reduced ricochet claims are true, I haven't heard any singers that I can remember since I started using them though.

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    I tried these in a henry lever action. Bloody awful! They flew apart as they left the muzzle! When they didn't I had a 4 inch group at 30 yds! Std subs are fine though! My anschutz 525 also wont group with them and also have the occasional fly apart on exit of the muzzle. Had 200 of them and still got 100 left in the safe! Wouldn't buy again even if I was totally out of 22 ammo, would rather drive 100 miles to find anything else!

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    I found them OK in my CZ 452,reasonably accurate,very hard hitting but bolt was hard to close and quite a few definitely breaking the sound barrier.Had it not been for noise issues(they could be slower through your barrel)they would have been my ammo of choice.

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    Hard to close the bolt
    not any more accurate than winsubs
    had as many if not more exits with several zingers off into the dark
    didnt see a significant increase in killing power

    solution to a problem that doesn't exist imo....

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    If they prove accurate from your rifle -they do out of mine- they are well worth using (1) if you get frequent ricochets off hard/stony ground, and (2) if a .22LR is the only option for foxes in a given situation. IME they segment reliably and each of the 3 shards creates a lethal wound channel of its own.

    If you don't get frequent ricochets, and only shoot bunnies, and need to watch the pennies, however, stick to standard SS HP.
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    Thank you, wont bother then

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    Very loud, very innacurate in my 452.
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    I use them exclusively in my .22 CZ
    I'd agree they are maybe not quite as accurate as my old favourite Winchester subs, but they seem not bounce about.
    That for me was reason enough to use them, even at nearly double the price of normal ammo.
    They are accurate enough to get the job done, not had any problems shuttling the bolt, and had none go supersonic.


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