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Thread: Tikka T3 .308 Varmint review

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    Tikka T3 .308 Varmint review

    Last month I got my new Tikka T3 .308 varmint, but it was only last weekend I managed to get it zeroed and had been itching to do so. I didn't use a moderator with it. *I had a second hand scope so it only took a couple of shots to get the rounds on target. I used RWS 150g soft points. *After that I fired seven shots from the classic position of "bipod resting on the land rover bonnet while parked on a slope." I got a really good grouping with 7 shots only 5 holes, and no the other two didn't miss. I found the action really smooth. I wasn't use to the trigger pull, it's seemed light, but think I will come to like it. A friend kindly supplied a target that when it's shot reveals a hi-vis or luminous colour under the target making it very easy to spot your rounds while your zeroing

    Now I know there's lots of opinons on cleaning but I like things clean. So after I gave it a spray of oil and a pull through till clean and then lightly oiled the barrel.

    Last Sunday I went out stalking and gave it a pull through again to get rid of the oil in barrel. We managed to find a Doe for the T3 to lose it's cherry on and the bullet placement was bang on target. There was no adverse meat damage.

    The only thing I really don't like is the safety system. To unload you have to take the safety off, would rather that wasn't the case.*

    Over all very happy with it and would definately recommend it. It not exactly pretty or anything but it does the job at a resonable price. **


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    I sighted in my T3 varmint in .308 last week. 2 bullets in one hole at 100 mtrs and 2 bullets in 1 inch at 240 mtrs.
    150 gr SST's.
    You cannot ask for more.
    I agree about the safety and unloading, though.

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    Can i ask what load you are using, as i have a varmint in 308 too, 20"barrel and have a box of 150gr sst's to load.

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    I use the Sako 123gn round in mine, mainly on Roe - clean kill and not a lot of meat damage. Also has the same zero as the FMJ 155gn round so lower cost when on the range.

    Her first time shooting a full bore rifle my daughter put 4 overlapping rounds into the bull at 100 meters with it, so no problems with accuracy / grouping. She wants to have another go.

    I have a T8 mod fitted to mine, makes it very heavy to carry round for long periods of time but great from a high seat.

    I've however one issue - it kicks high left, making it difficult to see the bullet strike. Anyone know if this can be fixed / reduced?


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