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Thread: hello from bovington/lincoln

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    hello from bovington/lincoln

    Just a quick introduction, I'm Andy, I live in Lincoln with the wife and kids on a weekend and work at Bovington during the week, currently I'm a bootneck, before that a butcher, as well as bushcraft/generally being out whatever the weather I also have an interest in stalking, it's something that's always held my interest even when other things have come and gone, so I'm here to make a start, do my research and hopefully make a few friends while I'm at it.


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    Welcome from a fellow Yellowbelly. What does a bootneck do please??



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    Always good to see another local lad here Andy, welcome.

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    A bootneck is a royal marine I probably should have put that, anyway thanks for the welcome, I just been having a quick look about the legalities section, and come to the conclusion that an empty day, notepad and some strong coffee is in order before I try to ingest much more

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome Andy..

    not that far from you, just over the bridge. Got a couple of mates who are ex-booties both as mad as a box of frogs !!

    enjoy the site.


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