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Thread: New YouTube Channel - Totally Awesome Outdoors

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    New YouTube Channel - Totally Awesome Outdoors

    The Totally Awesome crew have for long time been producing some fairly good fishing shows despite their mildly annoying style of presentation. Their clips include the hooking, playing and tagging of probably the biggest porbeagle and thresher sharks caught in UK waters and from a 17' boat but generally give good advice on most types of fishing.

    When they advertised a new TA Outdoor channel I was mildly optimistic and I watched the one on tracking and getting close to wild deer. It was OK although not brilliant, they pointed out some good deer sign, slots and the like and there were some shots of fallow does in a field but on their way home they spotted a big fallow buck from the car and set of after it with the camera. Then credibility started to slip as Graeme Pullen excitedly said there was a big stag in the woods. It turned out that there were actually two, maybe three, and they were certainly very big, they were so big that the location probably had to be New Forest. It's worth looking at the clip just to see them but you can't take a show purporting to pass on expertise seriously when they don't know that male fallow are bucks not stags.

    Here's the clip, it's worth going to the end to see the bucks.

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