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Thread: why?

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    After skinning a roe doe last night, I found 6 shot gun pellets in its rear end, just under the skin.
    This is the second time I have found shot in deer in this area, why to people think it's exceptable to take pot shots at deer?

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    I found the very same on the rump of a roe doe a few years ago. The shot size only looked like 6 or 7.

    regards Kev
    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

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    Feck!n poachers, Do you ever report such matters happening to the police, cause how else are the powers that be going to allocate sufficient man hours for the them to keep more of an eye out for problems in the countryside? I think it's about time they started taking their cars or means of transport and the tools that they are using illegally and maybe this would deter others on going down the wrong path.

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    The same reason people take stupid shots at foxes, rabbits etc

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    I found pellets under the skin of the heads of a number of Roe I shot in Hampshire a couple of years ago. I can only assume it was poachers or idiots......

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    The last 4 fallow I shot had rim fire rounds in the bone and under the skin

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    I heard this used to be done on the continent to cause malformed heads to grow (by damaging the poor old deers knackers) because unusual heads are prized over there ?
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Why does everyone think it's poachers, any poacher worth his salt has a good dog or a .22 rimfire off ticket.

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    plus its lads with shotties walking up, something bolts and gets a barrel,they shouldnt but they do,!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    Why does everyone think it's poachers, any poacher worth his salt has a good dog or a .22 rimfire off ticket.
    It's hardly likely to be someone with a genuine interest in the land, either the landowner or stalker tasked with controlling the deer population, who both have the deer's interests in mind. Neither is it likely to be a recreational stalker, who would not be able to stalk legitimately without the correct firearm. I also doubt that it would be anyone else who might be wandering about legitimately with a shotgun, for example a rough shooter or game shooter or gamekeeper. I suppose it's remotely possible that someone might have accidentally shot a deer whilst shooting at something else. Not really very likely though.

    That only really leaves someone who is there without permission who is shooting at deer with a shotgun with inappropriate ammunition. That'll be a poacher then.

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