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Thread: Stalking with IanF

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    Stalking with IanF

    Last Friday night myself and dad headed up to Oxford for IanF's unlimited cull weekend on muntjac and fallow for dads birthday.
    We had booked in for an am and pm highseat session each, hoping to get a chance of our first muntjac.
    We were greeted on time in the car park and given a quick safety chat and did the relevant paperwork.
    We all drove out from there and were taken to, two highseats for morning. Two others had sat in these the evening before and one guy had been successful with a young fallow. They were located in a small wood with one at the end and one 3/4 of the way up.

    Unfortunatly the wind was blowing on back pushing up the ride where deer were likely to cross. There was still and good amount of bramble cover in the wood around me.
    I caught a fleeting glimpse of a muntjac darting over said track and that was the morning session over Ian came and collected us.
    Unfortunately for dad he hadn't seen anything,
    one muntjac had been shot by another stalker.
    We headed off for the day and arranged a meeting time for the afternoon.

    We decided to take a look at Oxford gun company as it wasn't all that far off.
    However probably wasn't worth the journey, as I didn't have a Range Rover I wasn't of much interest to them.

    We met back in the afternoon, made a plan and again were dropped off at our highseats. I was given the choice of a two positions, a ground level pigeon hide or a tower. I opted for the tower being the best option as the wind was poor for both and the tower had a roof so if It rained at least I'd be dry.

    I was about 200yards downhill from where I had been in be morning and two other took the highseats we occupied in the morning. I was greeted by two dog walkers mincing around with a wild black Labrador after sitting in the highseat for around an hour.
    10 mins before unload time a muntjac appeared at the end of the ride where the dog walkers had been, so it wasn't hanging around, a quick look through the binos suggested a small buck, it paused slightly at the other side of the track, and he fell to the shot.

    On closer inspection he had 45mm antlers and was in good condition, which gained me a 80 fee for antlers over 39mm.
    Unfortunately Dad didn't see anything again after being in the same highseat where the shot muntjac had come from in the morning.
    luckily the motorway was kind on the way home and we made good time back after a very long day

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    Good honest write up and sounds like a typical stalk. You sometimes see deer, you sometimes shoot deer. You sometimes see deer and shoot nothing. And more often than not you just don't see any deer.

    Any pics?

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    Cheers for the good right up. Like stalker.308 said, sometimes you see deer, sometimes you shoot deer, but it's always good to be out?

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    Hi MGD I hadn't seen this but was good to meet you though unfortunately for you with a tape measure in the truck It was a funny weekend as I think the weather combination of warm in the day and cold morning and evening didn't help with deer moving. I had one doe muntjac in 3 sessions and did pass up a monster buck from the same high seat, counted another 6 through a 6 ft ride that just crossed fast never to be seen again. It was good to be out

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