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Thread: .22 hornet or .22

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    .22 hornet or .22

    Im looking for a varmint rifle, for a range of 150/200 yards for rabbits, foxes and corvids. Is for around the farm/farmhouse, anybody have any, and what would you recommend. I'm toying towards the hornet, for the cheap reloading and thinking it will prob be abit quieter?

    Cheers Matt

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    I love my hornet, a bit quieter than a 223. , I'm guessing that's what your comparing to?

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    The Hornet suits your spec. perfectly.
    35g vmax travelling at around 3200fps giving about 729 ft/lbs is ideal for foxes.
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    I've had one for 18 mths,it's deadly accurate out to 150mts and no runners,I love it and it's quite

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    Got rid of my 22LR as the 22 H does everything it could and alot more.

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    Cheers for the replies, looks like it will be the hornet, what bullet weights would you recommend, do they make much mess of rabbits,

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    I have both .22lr and a hornet use the lr for close range ( up to 80 mt) and the hornet for longer range hornet will do a lot of damage so always go for head shots if you want the meat, if i just want to cut down the numbers anywhere on the body is a definate kill. Im looking for a mould for casting my own so it makes it cheaper
    good luck

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    Been looking that way myself, had 222 in the past and got on well with it, but its a whole different
    way of shooting compared to a rimfire
    The HMR seems to have a certain cynergy with night shooting for rabbits. fairly cheap to run, and enough leggs for
    those precise shots at 200 yds plus a bit.. The centre fires are better suited for a slower style long range snipeing situation
    Drove round for an hour last night, fireded 18 shots, had 16 bunnies with HMR.dont think would have had more than half that with
    222 what with small mags and saving brass and needing better backdrops

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