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Thread: Prairie dog hunting

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    Prairie dog hunting

    I am interested to know if any members have ever hunted these vicious and dangerous creatures

    They can inflict terrible wounds on any idiot that trys to persuade them with their fingers, and one should be careful of the adults, they charge without hesitation and once they have latched on, well its like a Ferret that hasnt been fed for a week

    I would be interested to know what calibre of weapon should be used, I hear Steyr are making a new model just for these particular creatures. I hear concrete walls are good for dispatching them, with repeated knocks on the head to dislodge said adult Prairie Dogs.

    I have hunted many different species on three continents, but I think I will keep away from TWYCROSS ZOO, its a dangerous place for any budding Prairie Dog Hunter

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    Blimey you have heard about that too Sikamalc! And Nick told me he was going to keep that secret! Mind you if someone poked your baby in the face with a chubby little finger, I'm sure any good mum would bite it off! Or at least have a go at the finger!

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    Hope it wasnt his trigger finger that got bitten was it his right or left hand Does make a difference which hand it is, not just for shooting either

    Yes I was talking to a friend the other day who works at Twycross, and we got on to the subject of Rodents and the museums collections etc etc, and he told me this story about a member of the public who had tried to poke a Prairie Dog (oops perhaps I should re phrase that) stroke one and paid the price. I had no idea that the said person may be a member of this site Well I never

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    O My GOD
    Whatever next. I really dont know anywhere you could even start hunting these fine little fluffy dots in this country I did hear that twycross zoo had a few of them but only the privaliged get anywhere near them
    i nearly had a good head mount of one a few years ago but i lost sight of it behind a wall before i got a chance to strike
    By the way does anyone know the member on this site who got mauled by the fury beast

    Beowulf your dead You bugger.

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    For a minute, just a minute, I really thought this was going to be a serious thread.

    It could be senility but, I know that even I am not that bloody old


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    Ahh that caught you out JAYB. You thought it would be a thread about Varmint shooting in the States, which i know you have enjoyed

    Sorry mate, but we have amongst us an expert on Prairie Dog hunting, only he does it in Twycross Zoo.

    Must admit it cheered me up when Mr B told me the story

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    Sikamalc! Remember the script mate, I didn't tell you, it was a zoo keeper mate!

    It serves Steyr243 right though! Fancy trying to pull the head off a baby Prairie Dog to impress his girlfriend. What a nasty man, no wonder the mummy Prairie Dog bit him!

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    Hang on a moment,
    ill have you know i was only sitting looking at them & a baby dog came & looked at me so thought it looked lonely. me being me i decided to offer it some comfort by stroking it. thats when i was savagely attacked & mauled by its mother. it was horrific & i still wake up in the night dreaming about my ordeal
    Have you ever had to go through what i did. i had to literally swing my arm about with this monster Prairie dog hanging off my finger to try & get it off me. It was like fighting with a pitbull terrier ill tell ya. How can a little thing like that have so mich grip with its teeth A few sharp whacks on the wall soon had the little fu##er off me & that gave me a chance to defend myself ready for the next attack Luckily for her she decided she had caused enough damage to me & retreated back to her mound with baby in hot pursuit

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