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Thread: Crockets Glasgow closing

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    Crockets Glasgow closing

    Passed the shop this morning.
    Appears to be closing down - might be worth a mooch although their stuff was always a tad expensive.


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    I was in once, the prices were slightly worse than a tad expensive. Still be a shame to see it close

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    sad to hear of another going down but given recent politcal directions this kind of thing is frankly inevitable
    sad but true

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    Very sad to hear that.
    It's a real shop with real people and a Glasgow landmark.
    I wonder what will fill the void if anything. Yet another restaurant or club I suppose: that's the way city centres are going.
    And check out the amount of vomit and broken glass on the Sunday.
    Rant over..for now.

    ps.. back in the day you could literally buy a range of kit from a needle to an anchor in there, as well as a pistol and ammo.
    Not bad for a Glasgow city centre shop.

    Just another wee rant.
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    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    The Post Office are supposed to be in the process of purchasing as they recently sold one off nearby, The Rates where apparently extortionate.

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    "are you being served".....? Went in to buy a LF 170 filter and it had more dust on it than Jimmy Saviles dining table!

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    iv used this place for over 25 year and still buy my bullets off them got to know some of the staff to ,even had a new battery put in my watch couple of weeks ago ,will be missed

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    Grey's of George St in Edinburgh went two or three years ago.
    It was good too,not as good as Crockets though. It seemed to be viable but the son didn't want to go into the business so it went.
    Old fashioned help and advice and good sedvice went too.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Found there RFD very helpful in the past, ordered in ammo and managed to get it at a competitive price. Great shop.

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    Red-Dot. Tha should be ont stage lad.

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