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Thread: Remington aftermarket trigger.

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    Remington aftermarket trigger.

    Thinking of replacing my Remington 700 trigger. I find it uncomfortably stiff. Looking for an upgrade. What you got, how much you wanting?

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    Wasn't there a worldwide recall on remmy 700 triggers recently. Look into it and you might just get a new one f.o.c

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    put a timney on it,,,is it a walker trigger ? as they can be tuned up very nicely,, dont bother with the recall
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    Would not know, never stripped it but it is damn near a two finger pull job. No clean break. Tried for that jewel but looks like just too late.

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    Hi Jimbo, I've got a Timney for Remington 700 (without safety - you refit the safety from your rifle) with the fitting instructions. 75 posted.

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